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Vintage Matchmakers are all about adding a refreshing, modern twist to old-fashioned dating. With the digital age leading today’s love scene, online dating has become an incredibly popular method to meeting potential partners – and, for many, an incredibly tiresome and unpromising investment. This is where we come in. In addition to helping you find your ideal partner, Vintage Matchmakers will also help to take care of the challenges that come with online dating by providing individual face-to-face consultations and setting up dates both you and your partner can enjoy. Here, we are dedicated to finding the perfect, long-term partner for you without any stress and hard work on your end.

About the Founder


Priya is a psychology graduate from the UK with a proven interest in anything and everything to do with love (fun fact: she has also completed an intense relationship science program). Priya is committed to making dating more than just a means to short-term flings and one-night stands. She’s studied all the shortcomings of the conventional online dating system – from the pointless back and forth messaging to the lack of focus on long-term relationships – and has seen numerous online relationships dissolve to nothing. With Vintage Matchmakers, she’s making it her mission to bring back the spark in old-fashioned dating and to infuse it into the lives of people who want and deserve quality relationships.

I found Priya to be a very warm and open person who is very easy to talk to. She helped me realise what I want from a partner and a relationship, at the same time, she also helped me feel more confident in my own skin and be more accepting of myself. This experience is such a pleasant change from the frustrating world of online dating!
Jaya V
I had the pleasure of working closely with Priya and from that grew an friendship. She was my rock, my confidant and ever so supportive friend that always had the time to listen to me when I needed an ear and always so comforting and understanding when I just needed someone there. Because of her friendship and her never failing great advice, I would wholeheartedly trust Priya with my future aka my current dating life! To everyone out there contemplating to trust Priya with your dating life; I promise you, you are are very good hands!
Carol N
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The Dating Dialogue

We here at Vintage Matchmaking believe that successful relationships require a holistic approach. To the average person, however, understanding the bases of a successful relationship – and what it means to craft one from a holistic point of view – can feel almost impossible to grasp. Paired with this challenge is often the equally challenging need to open up about the struggles of the dating scene, and especially to someone who can offer valuable feedback that considers the uniqueness of the individual at hand and the circumstances from which their struggles arise. The Dating Dialogue is an opportunity for those eager for and about love to speak up about their experiences with it and to learn how to navigate it in a way that fulfills what love is truly about. More importantly, the Dating Dialogue is an opportunity for those struggling in the dating scene to suss out their challenges with a holistic love and dating expert.

The Basics: 3 Sessions

In this package your matchmaker will help improve your dating strategies and techniques, focus on specific areas for your dating needs and assist in setting goals. We will also have a follow up session to check up on how you are putting your coaching knowledge in to practice.

Enhanced Package: 6 sessions

Sessions in the enhanced package will encourage you to express your needs and desires of what you want from a relationship and potential partner, we will then analyze past relationships and inevitably break those bad dating habits. Following sessions will include personal development and working on ways to find the right partner instead of wasting your time going for the wrong ones. We will then set goals and have an in depth follow up session before you are let loose in to the dating world.

Premium Package: 9 Sessions

The Premium Package builds on the Superior Package and provides you with the ultimate date coaching experience.


Due to the high demand for our services, only clients who satisfy our criteria will be granted a placement with Vintage Matchmaking. At the very least, clients must be 25+, seeking a long-term relationship, and all dates will take place in a public place. Other details will be assessed through an arranged meeting with a Vintage Matchmaker, where your matchmaker will take note of the client’s wants, needs, hobbies, and lifestyle. Once granted a placement, clients will choose a package that suits them best.

1 - Initial Consultation

Upon your registration, a Vintage Matchmaker will arrange with you an in-person or phone consultation, during which you will have the opportunity to tell us a little about yourself and to address any inquiries. Through this consultation, we will determine whether or not you are fit for the Vintage Matchmaking process.

2 – Pre-Matchmaking Coaching

You want to meet your best possible match, but how will you make sure that you will be your best possible self? The pre-matchmaking coaching will go through all your dating habits, and help out with those dating do’s and don’ts.

3 - Assessing & Addressing Your Needs

So it turns out you have what it takes to embark the Vintage Matchmaking journey. Congratulations! You are now an official member. After you select and purchase subscription, we will begin your journey with an in-depth assessment of your personality, dating habits, and what you seek for in a potential partner. Add-ons such as ongoing coaching sessions, male only and female only dating workshops, and speed dating events are available for purchase to enhance your dating experience.

4 - Matchmaking

The hunt for your perfect match begins! Using the information we have gathered from our assessment of your needs, we will find you a compatible match and help to arrange a date where you can get to know one another in a safe and comfortable space.

5 - Pre-Date Consultation

Feeling nervous and iffy? Not to worry. Prior to your date, a Vintage Matchmaker will meet with you to provide first-date tips, answer questions regarding your chosen match, and address any other concerns you may have.

6 - Post-Date Consultation

How did it go? Was she too funny? Was he too tall? Love at first sight? The post-date consultation will give you the opportunity to tell us everything that went right (or wrong) on your first date with your chosen match. Full discretion will be maintained at all times.

Our Promise to You

All our services are discreet and confidential; we never reveal any personal or sensitive information.

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1 - How can I receive a free consultation?

Simply fill out our contact form and one of our professional matchmakers will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your free consultation.

2 - What can I expect from my free consultation?

Your consultation will start off with a phone call to find out your needs and desires from your matchmaker and what you are looking for in a potential partner. Once both parties are happy to proceed we can schedule a face to face meeting and officially register you with Vintage Matchmaking!

3 - How are your services different to online dating?

Vintage matchmaking provides a personalized experience for all our clients, we meet and have a heart to heart with all of our members, we get to know you and only take you on as a member if we genuinely feel that our services will be beneficial to you. We do not believe that dating should consist of never ending messages, catfishing or long winded profiles.

4 - What is involved in the free registration?

The free registration is for singles to join up and only our professional matchmakers have access to. We will not actively find you matches whilst you are on our free database however we may use your profile when headhunting for a member. Free registration suits those that may not be ready to become a paid member just yet but is looking to test the water.

5 - Why should I use your dating services?

You should use our dating services if you are serious about dating and relationships. We do not accept clients who are looking for a more casual approach to dating, all of our members are ready and happy to meet long term relationship potentials.

6 - What makes vintage matchmaking different to other matchmaking companies?

Vintage matchmakers are aware of the busy lifestyle of our clients, we do everything we can to offer ease in the dating process from picking your date, arranging specifics of the date and providing detailed feedback. We also understand that not everyone might be relationship ready when they come to us and so we are happy to help get you to that step with our in depth and fun relationship/dating coaching.

I remember when I was in school, they would ask, 'What are you going to be when you grow up?' and then you'd have to draw a picture of it. I drew a picture of myself as a bride.
Gwen Stefani
A man's got two shots for jewelry: a wedding ring and a watch. The watch is a lot easier to get on and off than a wedding ring.
John Mayer
You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
Dr. Seuss
Love is like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it.
Nicholas Sparks
Love; it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you. It will set you free.
Mumford & Sons

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