The Dating Dialogue -Zend Talk



Love is arguably one of the most profound and insightful experiences humans are capable of. Initially, love can seem bewildering, stressful, and perhaps not worth the time and effort that it demands. In reality, our past romantic and platonic relationships have cultivated this inaccurate definition of love.

Join avid love enthusiast Priya as she explores how you can transform your experiences with love into something meaningful and worthwhile. She will begin the evening with a Guided Love Healing Meditation, which will allow you to create space in your heart for what love truly has to offer. She will then move into exploring the key elements of love in addition to the psychology behind love and attachment, the do’s and don’ts of dating, and a visualization into your future love life.

Are you interested in improving your love life? DO NOT miss this Zendtalk by Priya Bangar, founder of Vintage Matchmaking and the Dating Dialogue. With her background in psychology and her expertise on love, she’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to jump start your future of healthier and happier encounters with love.

-Dinner from 6pm-7pm (kitchen closes at 7:30pm)
-Talk begins at 7 PM
-Stay after to Network, Connect and meet the speaker!

NO RESERVATIONS. First come, first serve! Come early to grab a table and enjoy the kava offerings at our botanical bar! Inquries: 604 801 6107

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