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Sharing a life with a special someone is an experience many of us hunger for. It’s a journey

through one of life’s most prized possessions, companionate love — a rare gem that catches the eyes of

many but often remains a fairy-tale phenomenon one can only dream about. If you’re a hopeless

romantic like me, you probably know what it feels like to have a constantly unsatiated appetite for a

deep, authentic connection. You probably know how it feels like to ponder day after day why cupid

won’t work in your favor. Perhaps you’ve searched high and low for a life partner, bruising your heart

and ego with every person you thought would be “the one”. Perhaps too many one-night stands and

flirtatious Facebook messages have left you wondering if love exists beyond weekend flings. Perhaps

work, school, or life in general has eaten away the years that, in retrospect, you might’ve liked to spend

shaping your love life, and only now have you begun to wonder if you’ll ever find that special someone.

Amidst the hustle-bustle and ever-changing nature of modern society, it can be challenging if

not impossible to find the love of your life. Many relationships of our time are void of the spark that

drew together our parents, grandparents, and earlier generations – a consequence of our digital age and

modern-day lifestyle, and a consequence that is more or less inevitable. Admittedly, today’s dating

scene comes with a whole new set of challenges that can make relationships seem daunting, tiresome,

or simply a waste of time. This is especially the case if you’re seeking for someone who will be just as

committed as you to building a happy, healthy relationship.

If you’re tired of waiting for that special someone to show up at your door, of jumping from

affair to affair with people who won’t take you seriously, of late nights questioning why relationships

feel like swimming through mud — you’ve come to the right place. Founded by psychology graduate and

natural-born matchmaker Priya Bangar, Vintage Matchmaking is the time machine that will bring you

back to when relationships were defined by chivalry and courtship. Unlike most online dating services,

Vintage Matchmaking is very personalized — every client will be assigned their own personal Vintage

Matchmaker, who will provide guidance throughout the client’s journey so that they can be their best

self on their dates with their chosen match. In addition, Vintage Matchmaking is very exclusive — in

order to match clients with the best possible people, membership will only be granted to registered

individuals who, as assessed, are fit to invest time and effort into their Vintage Matchmaking

experience. Under the unique principle that “people must be similar enough and different enough to

be in a long-term relationship”, our Vintage Matchmakers will pair clients based on similarities and

differences that are essential for both parties to thrive in their experience with each other.

Currently, Vintage Matchmaking is serving British Columbians in the lower mainland and

individuals who identify as heterosexual. In the near future, however, Vintage Matchmaking will be

expanding its services to those residing in the UK and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re single and ready to give up those short-term flings and

long nights alone, join us at Vintage Matchmaking for an experience of a lifetime. Your relationship with

your perfect match awaits you!
Nicole Jessica Yuen is a Vancouver-born student with a fascination for human psychology and the importance of its appreciation in long-term relationships. Aside from human relationships, she is also hopelessly romantic about creative non-fiction writing, long walks, chai lattes, and ripe avocados (who isn’t?). You can check out more of her work at The One Project and at aimlesslycontemplating.com.


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