Are New Year’s Resolutions Pointless?

Another year, another futile attempt to have the life I truly want.

For many, this line will resemble their thoughts to a tee. It may be true that 2017 failed to play out in the way you wanted it to. Perhaps that 1-year gym pass you purchased turned to be a waste of money. Perhaps your new job and its attendant stress devoured all your free time – the time you would have used to better your relationships with friends and family. Perhaps your time management skills have remained…unskillful.

Perhaps you never found the significant other who could have helped you to be your best self.


The most detrimental belief you could continue to hold is that 2018 will remain the same – that, perhaps, it would be more beneficial to ignore the whole New-Year’s-resolutions-thing since they rarely pan out anyways.

With the advent of the new year, we at Vintage Matchmaking would like to reaffirm the following: we believe that you have the ability to be your best self. Moreover, we are committed to helping you on your journey to bettering yourself so that you not only live your ideal life, but you also fall in love with someone who will continue to steer you in the right direction. What better opportunity is there to start fresh – to think of the ways you could improve your life and to think of how you can go about doing this – than the new year?


At the very core of Vintage Matchmaking’s services is the belief that, if you become the best person you could possibly be, you will attract the best partner for you.

Are you eager to find “the One”? If so, let’s start with you, and helping you live the life you deserve.
Nicole Jessica Yuen is a Vancouver-born student with a fascination for human psychology and the importance of its appreciation in long-term relationships. Aside from human relationships, she is also hopelessly romantic about creative non-fiction writing, long walks, chai lattes, and ripe avocados (who isn’t?). You can check out more of her work at

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