Overview of Vintage Matchmaking’s Zend Talk

Greetings, VM Family! We would like to apologize for our lengthy absence from the blog. During these past few months, we at Vintage Matchmaking have been busy attending to our expanding community and behind-the-scenes operations as we continue receiving more exposure to the public eye.

We made one of our first big steps forward into the limelight on March 25, 2017. On this evening, we hosted a Zend Talk at Vancouver’s Zend Conscious Lounge – a plant-based restaurant located in the heart of Yaletown, and one that presents weekly Zend Talks to promote self-love and the attainment of our highest selves. Presented by our founder Priya Bangar, 30 people of various kinds attended our Zend Talk to learn about our holistic approach to love – an approach that forms the very foundation of our organization.


Priya began the evening with a guided healing meditation that focused on opening the heart chakra – a pure and spiritual place that we close in the face of pain and suffering. Opening the heart chakra allows for love and compassion to flow through us, encouraging our acceptance and forgiveness of the hurt we have experienced. Members of the audience closed their eyes, surrounded by the peaceful music radiating from the speakers, and breathed deeply as Priya guided the exercise.

After the meditation, Priya delved into the psychology of love, using Dr. Robert Sternberg’s Love Triangle to explain the permeating misconceptions about love that inform the Western dating experience. With the rise of various online dating platforms, Priya emphasized the importance of not only choosing the right online dating platform, but also of attaining self-love before embarking on a search for “the One”. Scissors, markers, magazines, and blank paper were then distributed to all members in the audience, and everyone was asked to create a vision board representing what they wanted in their love lives.

Finally, the evening ended with another guided meditation, focused on visualizing one’s own ideal experience of love.


Thank you to Zend Conscious Lounge for hosting us, and to all those who attended our talk! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post on Using Sternberg’s Triangle to Understand the Psychology of Love.
Nicole Jessica Yuen is a Vancouver-born student with a fascination for human psychology and the importance of its appreciation in long-term relationships. Aside from human relationships, she is also hopelessly romantic about creative non-fiction writing, long walks, chai lattes, and ripe avocados (who isn’t?). You can check out more of her work at aimlesslycontemplating.com.

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