The First Date


Since the dawn of our adolescent years, the first date has always been one of the most gripping and nerve-racking experiences we could put ourselves through. It is the first peak in the journey towards love, and most often the deciding factor for whether or not the journey should continue. The stakes are set at an all-time high as two people—both yearning for a profound, authentic connection with an individual who can truly understand them—come together and see each other as potential romantic partners for the very first time. The atmosphere is filled with excitement, anticipation, but most of all, uncertainty.

Did I just say something stupid? Do he/she seem to like me? Is he/she even the right person for me?  Questions such as these come with the territory of uncertainty on the first date. All too often, we go on first dates unprepared to give a good impression and to receive whatever impression will be given by our date. As a result, we allow our trivial questions and feelings of apprehension to consume us, which can be overwhelming enough to spoil a potentially good date.

The most exhilarating part of the Vintage Matchmaking experience is the first date, and we want you to go into your first Vintage Matchmaking date feeling prepared. Here are 5 tips that will help to bring the best out of your first date experience:

1. Be Yourself. As cliché of a statement as this may be, it’s incredibly important for you to show your
romantic interest who you genuinely are. They deserve to know who it is they are inviting into their life. Plus, it wouldn’t be worth it in the long-term to put up a front just so you can impress someone. The Vintage Matchmaking experience is about finding someone who you can connect with, not finding someone who a fake portrait of yourself can connect with.

2. Look Good, Feel Good, and Vice Versa. First dates are all about first impressions, and the very first impression your date will have of you will be pertaining to your appearance. Take some time to a pick out an outfit that you feel confident in, but also comfortable. Avoid wearing anything overly uncomfortable so to avoid looking uncomfortable during your date.

3. Ask Open-Ended Questions. It’s only human nature to enjoy talking about yourself, and it’s easy to get caught up talking about your life and your life only. Remember that your job on the first date is not only to introduce yourself, but to get to know your romantic interest. The best way to get to know him/her is to ask questions that he/she cannot answer with yes or no.

4. Don’t Make Assumptions. This advice is more for the ladies. Don’t assume that he’s going to pay for your meal—after all, it is only the first date and you being a woman doesn’t necessitate him paying. Assume that you will pay unless he verbally insists on paying for you.

5. Be Honest with Yourself. If after much contemplation you still feel that your date is not the right person for you, don’t push it. You don’t deserve to settle for less. There are more than 7 billion people in the world, and we promise you there is someone out there for you. Stick with us at Vintage Matchmaking, and we’ll make it our mission to find you a better match. Remember that trial and error is part of the journey towards love.

Nicole Jessica Yuen is a Vancouver-born student with a fascination for human psychology and the importance of its appreciation in long-term relationships. Aside from human relationships, she is also hopelessly romantic about creative non-fiction writing, long walks, chai lattes, and ripe avocados (who isn’t?). You can check out more of her work at The One Project and at

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