Yuology, Self-Improvement, and Our Holistic Approach to Finding Love

A post by Priya Bangar, founder of Vintage Matchmaking

During the first weekend of December, I had the privilege of attending Stilettos in the Snow – a self-improvement workshop led by Yuology’s very own Tonia Mattu. Built from Yuology’s motto of the Study of You, the workshop aimed to empower women like myself to locate our passions, discover our purposes, and construct meaningful and successful lives that aligned with our own personal values. Additionally, the workshop focused on what Tonia identified as the five elements of success – Vulnerability, Authenticity, Curiosity, Intention, and Intuition – and aimed to inspire our search for these elements within our own lives.


On behalf of all the ladies who attended Stilettos in the Snow, I can confidently say that a Yuology workshop with Tonia is an experience I am happy to have encountered. The connections you make with other ambitious women, combined with the inspiring energy that these connections give rise to, are really just the cherry on top. Tonia is incredibly well-versed on the topics of success and self-improvement, knowing exactly how to wrest the apprehensive from their comfort zones and jump start their journeys towards their goals. I recommend Yuology to anyone who is in need for fuel for their journey towards a better version of themselves.


As I continue to reflect on my experience with Tonia, I cannot help but notice how the values promoted by Yuology are strongly reminiscent of the values promoted by Vintage Matchmaking. While Yuology takes a holistic approach to achieving success in life, Vintage Matchmaking takes a holistic approach to achieving success in LOVE. Like Yuology, Vintage Matchmaking prioritizes the Study of You; we emphasize the development of the self in our date/love coaching services, recognizing that stable relationships necessitate both partners to invest in “the study of themselves” to ensure the dynamic is not only loving and wonderful, but also inspiring a desire to constantly improve the self.       

Yuology has reaffirmed both my goals for my own life and my goals for Vintage Matchmaking. In accordance with Tonia’s teachings, Vintage Matchmaking has and will continue to prioritize the development of Love, because we believe that You from the core matters in your search for a loving, long-term relationship.

Are you ready to improve You in the realm of Love? If so, join us and the rest of the Vintage Matchmaking community at The Dating Dialogue, where you will find the support you need before diving head first into the realm of Love.

Priya Bangar

Matchmaker / Love and Dating Coach
Nicole Jessica Yuen is a Vancouver-born student with a fascination for human psychology and the importance of its appreciation in long-term relationships. Aside from human relationships, she is also hopelessly romantic about creative non-fiction writing, long walks, chai lattes, and ripe avocados (who isn’t?). You can check out more of her work at The One Project and at aimlesslycontemplating.com.

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