Due to our services being in high demand, we require all clients to fill certain criteria before accepting and starting your matchmaking journey.This process is free and includes an in depth meeting with a vintage matchmaker, the goal of this meeting is to find out about the client, their needs and wants as well as their lifestyle and hobbies. We also happily meet with friends and family to get an insight about the client- only if that is something that the client is happy with.

Once selected for membership clients can choose from a 3 month or 6 month subscription. In those months clients will be set up on unlimited dates- dates will not have any contact with each other before the dates take place but both parties will have a pre-date consultation with myself to learn a little about who they will be meeting. Full discretion at all times. Consultations also includes dating tips and advice.

A postdate consultation will also be provided with feedback obtained directly from matches, therefore increasing effectiveness.

Clients must be 25+ seeking a long term partner. Clients should be dedicated to finding their soulmate and be open to meeting their dates in a safe, public place.

Clients can also choose add ons such as ongoing coaching sessions, male only and female only dating workshops, speed dating events

►  Initial Consultation- Face to Face or Phone Consultation
A chat to get acquainted, let us find out your needs and give you our honest feedback about whether we can take you on as a client.

► Dating Coaching and Advice
Congratulations! You are now a member and we start the process with finding out your dating habits, what you are / are not looking for in a potential partner and how we can help.

► Psychological Assessment
Compatibility requirements-not heavily relied on but we make sure we have important things covered!

► Partner Profiling
Time for us to get to work and find you that match!

► Arranging your dates!
Woohoo! It’s time to put your glad rags on; you have a date!

► Post Date Consultation
How did it go? She was too funny? He was too tall? Love at first sight? Tell us all about it, we need to know!

“Our Promise to You”

All our services are discreet and confidential; we never reveal any personal or sensitive information.